Computer Privacy, CGI Proxy, Random Generators, Data Converters

Computer Privacy

CGI Proxy

Enhance your privacy by browsing through the proxy server. Our proxy server hides your IP address and encrypts all transferred data.

Encrypt Text

Encrypt text with a password and send your message as a secret.

Decrypt Text

Decrypt the secret message with the password.

CGI Proxy List

Verified web proxies. List of web proxy pages, also known as CGI Proxy.


Password Generator

Create a strong password that nobody guesses, according to the rules you have entered.

Random Numbers

Generator of random numbers and bytes based on strong cryptographic algorithms.

Data Converters

Image to Base64

Encode images to Base64 text that you can embed into your web pages. Learn how to do it.

Base64 Encode

Convert text to Base64 string for use on the web and elsewhere.

Base64 Decode

Convert Base64 string back to plain text.

URL Escape

Encode plain text with special characters to URL safe string.

URL Unescape

Decode URL string back to plain text.

Remove Accents

Remove accents or diacritical marks from the text.

About this project

Over time, we've created a set of tools that we use ourselves and that are available to you as well. We will be glad if you like it.

Our project is hosted in a modern data center at the foot of a futuristic broadcasting tower in the center of Prague, called DC Tower.

Prague, the ancient Central European city stands out with its architecture, rich history and number of historic sites. Today it is also the seat of many modern technology companies.

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we do not store any information you write on these pages nor any data which you enter for processing. We do not store the addresses of pages you've visited through the proxy. We consider your privacy as our goal.