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Why to Use the Proxy

Simply because you appreciate your privacy. When browsing the Internet, all the pages you view can be recorded. If you do not want someone to see what pages you are viewing, you need a proxy. Proxy hides your activities on the Internet.

Another reason is that the content of some sites depends on where you are connected to the Internet. If you want to see the content of a site that matches the specific location, the proxy is the right solution. This can be useful, for example, for travelers or web designers.

How the Proxy Works

When using a proxy, your computer does not communicate directly with the page you want to view. It connects to the proxy and proxy itself asks for the content you want to view. Once the proxy downloads the page and its images from the remote web server, it will forward it to you.

The communication between your computer and the proxy is encrypted, so no one else can see which pages you were viewing. And because you've communicated through the proxy, the remote web server does not know who is viewing the page.

IP Addresses

Each computer is marked with a unique IP address on the Internet. By this address you can be identified. Your IP address is: If you open a web page, your IP address and the address of the page you are viewing is usually recorded.

About this Proxy

Our proxy replaces all links on the web page to point directly to the proxy. It will send you not only the content of the page or the images but also the invisible meta data, which will be also changed to match high privacy level.

Because this technology can not be reliably used to modify java scripts, this proxy turns off scripts. This will allow us to achieve higher security and privacy levels.

For the same reason, we do not send any tracking cookies which may be sent to us by the remote web server.

How to Improve your Privacy

1) Use encrypted communication. You'll know this in the address bar of your browser. If the web address begins with 'https://' (s as secure), communication between your computer and the web server is encrypted and no one can read it by the way.

2) Clean the browsing history. Your web browser saves the history of all pages you browse by default. It also stores pictures for later use. From time to time, clear this history or set your browser to do so automatically, for example when closing it. The good idea is also to switch your browser to anonymous mode.

3) Passwords, passwords, passwords. Use a different password for each web site because you do not know how the remote web server keeps your password, whether encrypted or as plain text, and who has access to that user's database. One of the most important passwords is to your mailbox. It opens the way to other services and passwords.

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