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Sometimes you need a password that you can easily remember, but which will be impossible to guess. Here's how to create such a password.

But at other times, you need a password that is impossible to guess and you do not need to remember it. These are, for example, service passwords you enter once, write it on paper and forget about it. And here comes the password generator.

Guessing such a password is impossible. The only way to break it is by attacking brute force, trying one password after another. If your password is long enough, it's impossible.

How long password to choose? If your account is set to block after entering a few wrong passwords, 7 or 8 characters is enough. However, if an account allows you to test many different passwords without locking it, select at least 12 characters. If you can not use all character types (such as special characters), increase the length of the password.

And finally, one fundamental rule: one password, one account. Never use the same password for more than one account.

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