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In the Background

Based on the password you specify, we run password-based key derivation function called HMAC-SHA1 to create a very strong encryption key. Then we use this key to encrypt the text you entered using AES-256 encryption algorithm.


Create a Strong Password

How to create an easy to remember password? Do you have a favorite quote or proverb? Use it but replace some word. Remove, for example, a noun and replace it with the name of your favorite vegetable. Or replace some adjective in the proverb with your favorite ice cream flavor. Or use only the first few characters from each word in the proverb and insert numbers between them. Such a password is easy to remember and it is impossible for someone to guess that.

How to Use this Page

How to communicate with your friend or business partner encrypted? Make a secret password that only you two know. On these pages encrypt the message and send it to your friend or business partner. He will use this site to decrypt the message using your secret password. No one will be able to read your message, even if finds it in your message history on your device.

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