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Add CGI Proxy

Before you start, please see Conditions section below on this page.



Page or Path

If both, select https. Enter fixed part of URL address.
For example: ""
We'll show this text on the proxy list.
Optional. Enter a subfolder(s) or specific web page.
For example: "/tools/proxy/" or "/page.htm"
This text becomes part of the link to your site.
On this page must be written link to our site.

Test Query

Optional. Path and query to view our test page in your proxy.
For example: "/go.php?page=dGVzdC5hc3B4"
This query we'll use for regular proxy speed test.
Link our page:



Please use this HTML code to link with us. Paste it into your proxy home page (referenced by Domain and Path values entered above). It does not matter where you place it on the page. But it should be visible (please do not use white text on a white background, or a zero font size, etc.) You need to copy the link exactly in this format:

<a href="//" target="_blank"></a>

In order to regularly test the speed and availability of your proxy, you may to specify the link to your proxy page that returns our test page. We will load through your proxy content of our page: Please specify reference to this address in Test Query field. Tested pages can be displayed in the list above. This test function is optional.

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